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Farmana®® specialized in specific products, will help you to get an adequate intake of certain nutrients and minerals.

Farmana®® comes from the combination of the experience inherited from a laborious past and the experience gained in our field. A distinctive passion for a lab work leads Farmana®®to look for innovative and differentiating formulations in the nutritional field.

Besides their effectiveness,® the Farmana® products are different from other supplements available in the market for:

  • an innovative formulation;
  • high quality ingredients;
  • palatability and pleasantness;

In these years, we have developed our products helping our customers to achieve their goals or to solve their significant problems.

Our services

Not only food supplements, Farmana®® offers a wide range of services which will enable to fully satisfy consumer’s needs.

Where to find us

FARMANA®® is constantly growing and expanding.
Our company was founded in Ragusa but, thanks to the innovation and the effectiveness of our products, we are present on many stores of Italy.
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Farmacia Nesima
Via Leopoldo Nobili, 3
95122 Catania CT

Farmacia Basile
Via Psaumida 38
97100 Ragusa

Farmacia Anna e Mario S.N.C
Piazza del Gesù, 13
00044 Frascati (RM)

Farmacia Alberani
Via Luigi Carlo Farini, 19
40124 Bologna (BO)

Farmacia Prati S.A.S.
P.zza Fratelli Cervi, 8
20094, Corsico (MI)

Farmacia Paradiso
Viale Risorgimento, 25
96011, Augusta (SR)

Farmacia Fichera
Corso Gelone, 91
96100, Siracusa (SR)

Farmacia Novello
Corso Nunzio Costa, 105
96018, Pachino (SR)

Farmacia Caja
Via Enrico Cialdini, 9
96018, Pachino (SR)

Farmacia Alessandrello
Via Principe Umberto, 16
96017, Noto (SR)

Farmacia Guastella
Str. Forcone, 58
97019, Vittoria (SR)

Farmacia Fresta
Via Francesco Petrarca, 11
95048, Paternò (CT)

Farmacia Tramonti
Via Il Prato, 41
50123, Firenze (FI)


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