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FARMANA®® provides an innovative formulation designed for different needs in the field of nutrition.

Farmana® Natural Nutritional Supplements,® using natural products, help you to achieve your physical well-being


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Food Supplements

Dietary supplements are intended to maintain an adequate intake of certain nutrients or correct nutritional deficiencies. Their use is not intended to treat or prevent diseases in humans, but they complement a normal balanced diet.

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They are products of low nutritional value, usually taken in the maintenance of a healthy body weight, also ideals for anyone who wants to skip or replace a normal meal with drinks or other products containing the recommended daily ration of nutritional principles.

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When it comes to vitamins, we often forget one simple truth: our body does not create vitamins. So, as a general rule, they should be taken in small amounts through our diet. But if you are deficient in some areas, supplements can be the key to ensure you are getting balanced nutrition every day.
Only use food supplements if your healthcare professional has recommended them. Hypervitaminosis, with few exceptions, may occur because these vitamins are stored in the liver and they accumulate over time.

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Mineral supplements, protein and amino acids are very important in a diet, for those who are physically active. They help to replenish the minerals, or fluids, lost through sweating and also their main role in the body is for growth, repair and maintenance of body cells and tissues, such as muscle.
The recommendations for daily protein intake are set equally for both endurance training and resistance training athletes, so higher intakes are not recommended even for those exclusively trying to build muscle. Mineral supplements will not be used for muscle building but just used as energy, avoiding excessive fatigue on the body.
An unmonitored or excessive consumption of dietary supplements can be serious. It may occur some undesirable side effects on metabolism: creatine, for example, is a substance that can strain the kidneys.

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Made up of simple and complex sugars supplemented with vitamins B, C and E, energy supplements are recommended for a balanced nutrition every day,
containing sufficient amount of carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and fibers in the required amounts and in the right proportion.
They also help with digestive, circulatory and respiratory systems.

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